Online and In-Person Auctions

Our Commitment to You

Selling an estate is never an easy task.  Whether it is the estate of your loved one, or you are moving and want to liquidate your estate, there is a tremendous amount of work involved.

Let us help by providing a service that can help you maximize your profits and take the stress out of the long process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your transition as smooth as possible. We provide you with an Auction House of experienced staff, appraisal expertise, professional advertising and much more.

The Legacy Difference

We are a local, family run business who cares about the people in our community.  We are considerate, professional, honest and insured.  Our commitment is to sell your belongings at a fair market value.  We won’t give your things away just because we need to clear out the auction venue.

Legacy Auctions is different than just hiring an Auctioneer.  You can be sure you will find no other auction company like ours.  We operate a True Auction House.

We have a full time, year-round facility which means if we don’t get a fair price for your items, we leave them on the Auction floor.  We will hold your items up to three sales to ensure we get the best possible price.  We will co-ordinate any changes with you before we sell any item at a reduced price.

Full Service Opportunities

Our services can be customized to meet your every need. We offer the following services:

  • Professional online, on-site and newspaper advertising, is possible.
  • Pictures of your belongings online to maximize exposure and draw in customer traffic. Check out our website:
  • We obtain silent bidding, telephone bidding and internet bidding allowing us to maximize a large audience base while obtaining the best price possible.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Debit Cards which helps maximize sales.
  • There is no Buyers Fee. This maximizes bidding opportunities.
  • We email our preferred client list to inform them of the sale.
  • Our facility is fully monitored for security with monition sensors’, fire security and surveillance cameras during the sale to help prevent theft.
  • We will save any personal items for family such as photographs, life insurance policies, and yes even money and jewelry, etc.
  • We can meet with you and your family members as needed
  • We can refer proven professionals in the areas
  • We can provide a full-service professional cleaning service to get your home ready for sale.

Here is what we do once you make the call.

We meet with you in your home.  We conduct an onsite assessment where we review your needs.  We work with you on picking a date(s) for the sale and pickup or drop off of your items.

We also review the following:

  • Do you want to keep the items that don’t sell?
  • Do you want to donate all the unsold items to a charity of your choice?
  • Do you need our assistance in completely emptying the home?
  • Do you need help moving to your new location?
  • Do you want the home cleaned afterward?

Making a Difference

Our goal is providing you with the best possible service you can expect.  You don’t have to do anything else… but sign our contract.  Leave the rest up to us:

  • We take a complete set of digital pictures and post them on our website as well as other advertisement sites and email our clients personally for each sale.
  • We sort the items and display them neatly in living style display areas in the auction house for visual interest to maximize sales.
  • We research items to be sure we get top-dollar.
  • We staff the sale to create an inviting, comfortable environment.
  • We provide you with an itemized list of items sold for each sale date and attach a cheque for the proceeds of your sale.


Things to Consider

Please… don’t throw anything away…

We continually surprise our customers when we give them money for items they were considering as junk!

Why hire us instead of doing it yourself?

  • You get peace of mind knowing your sale is managed by professionals, no hassle of doing any of the labor.

You don’t have to haggle and barter with yard sale customers. More often than not, when a family runs an estate sale, customers offer the family pennies on the dollar because the family is uncertain of the value of the item.  Our expert valuation maximizes profits.

  • Our reputation among the circuit demands that we get the highest prices possible!
  • We will be able to bring in more customers than a “self run” sale because of our mailing list and memberships with advertising sources.

Contact us at Legacy Auctions

Auctioneers:   David & Liz McCormick
Location:   194 Erie Street North, Leamington, ON
Phone:    519-322-4427  or  519-919-8127