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Assessment at Auction Values

Purpose of an Assessment

Perhaps you are attempting to establish the value of a deceased relative’s furniture, art, glass, china or even coin collection, or you need to determine the market values of these items before selling or donating them. The role of an appraiser is a financial one. When you choose an appraiser, you are selecting someone who determines what your possessions are worth at a fair market auction value. This is an important decision for our clients, and it is crucial that the appraiser you select performs this task in a acknowledgeable, experienced, reliable and competent manner.

Appraisals provide values in almost all categories of fine art, antiques and jewellery, including silver, glass, painting, any motor and electric vehicles, motorcycles, boats, sculpture, jewellery, collectibles, coins, stamps, clocks, documents, porcelain, ceramics, pottery, furniture, lamps, comics, toys, musical instruments, machinery, flatware, appliances and so much more.

Assessment at Auction Values

The Process

Free Consultation: When you contact Legacy Auctions by phone or by email, we will evaluate your needs and advise on the best way to proceed with your needs, either verbally or a written report.

Research and Valuation: Once we have your permission to proceed, we will begin the research process based on the materials you have provided. This research may include photos, measurements, bills of sales, etc., Using our extensive library and industry contacts we will assess the value of your personal effects at a fair market value. We also provide consultation for the sale of your rare or unique antiques, fine art, jewellery vehicles and collectibles.

Documentation and Reporting: If you have elected to receive a verbal evaluation we will contact you with the information on your item. If you elected to receive a written evaluation, you will receive a report detailing our findings along with a fair market value, at auction, for your pieces.

The amount of time required to complete the valuation will of course, depend on the number of items you have submitted and the nature of the appraisal.

Because every situation is different, appraisal fees will vary. The appraisal fee is determined by the amount of time spent during the examination and assessment of your valuables and whether you are looking for a verbal or written appraisal.

Assessment at Auction Values

Privacy Policy

At Legacy Auctions we know how valuable your privacy is. We have created this privacy statement to ensure you of our commitment to privacy. Any information we gather is strictly for our use and is not shared with any other entity, public or private, for any reason. We will not sell or give away any of your information. Any information you provide is strictly confidential.

With the exception of credit card information, we store the information you provide us from your appraisal request and contact information to allow us to track your appraisals or any communication we may have, and to provide you with better customer service.

Assessment at Auction Values

Sample Reporting and Fees

Legacy Auctions provides you free consultation prior to engaging any services. Minimum appraisal fee is $100.00. Fees for appraisals of large collections or estates will be determined during the initial free consultation. Hourly appraisal fee is $90.00/hour plus copies requested.

Because every situation is different, appraisal fees will vary. The appraisal fee is determined by the amount of time spent during the examination and assessment of your property and whether you are looking for a verbal or extended written appraisal.

Assessment at Auction Values

Decorative Head $110 – $145

Carved Hindu ladies head beautifully decorated with a large crown with carved flowers and complete with the hair in a high bun design. Face is beautifully carved with complete facial detailed. At the time of assessment this piece was in beautiful condition with natural aged wear and pitting yet free of any crack or breakage. Head is seated on a slate black material base.

Assessment at Auction Values

Statue Base $30 – $50

Tall rectangular statue display base with a wood and laminate material designed in a decorative wood inlay design. At the time of assessment this unit was in good condition and free of any wear or chip damage.

Assessment at Auction Values

Living Room Area $200 – $300 Entirely

Sofa Set – Living room consists of a sofa and matching loveseat unit, upholstered, soft cream in colour with rounded arms and matching throw pillows, well-constructed and good quality construction. At the time of assessment this unit was in good used condition with no visible staining wear or tear.

Area Rug – Rectangular in shape, beige in colour with lovely soft blue, pink and green inlay decorative centre and matching border. At the time of assessment this unit was in good used condition with minor wear, stain and discolouring.

Accent Tables & Lamps – Matching coffee and end tables made on metal and ceramic material top, black in colour with cream legs, decorated with elaborate decorative lace design. Set of lamps constructed in the similar lacing designed, Asian inspired, brass metal. At the time of assessment these units were in good condition.

Assessment at Auction Values

Refund Policy

All of our appraisals are provided as a service. Our fees are based on the time required to research and prepare your appraisal. For that reason, once the appraisal process has been started, there are no refunds. If, for some reason, you wish to stop the appraisal process before any research or time has been spent on your appraisal, please contact our office at 519.322.4427 or email us at as soon as possible.