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Who we are

We are more than auctioneers. We are experienced seller, dealers and personal collectors with many years of experience.

We offer a broad array of products and services from supplies to values and assessments, we work personally with our clients to provide independently research, review, and recommendations that best suit your needs.

Assessment at Auction Values

What to do with your collection or inheritance?

Whether you’ve inherited an old collection or have been gifted a collection, appraising your coins with an experienced professional is always a good idea. Not only will it help you get an accurate valuation, but many times, it is needed to insure your collection.

The best coin collection appraisal services are those that offer both free consultations and offer professional appraisals, have experienced members on staff, and have experience handling all types of coins. A select few not only appraise but auction off and buy coins from its customers.

Legacy Services has experienced numismatic professionals on staff for professional appraisal services, as well as free appraisals for auction items.


  • Free appraisals for auction items
  • On-staff numismatic professionals
  • Professional appraisals available
  • Experience with U.S., world, and rare coins


  • Free appraisal is for auction sale items only
  • Professional appraisals require direct contact

Legacy offers two appraisal services, free and professional. Free appraisals are a complimentary service that is strictly for those looking to use Legacy Auction Services to sell their coins or collection. Users can visit our location.

For professional appraisals, we have a team of numismatic experts, many with years of experience and offer Assessments of Values that are valid for legal or insurance purposes.

Legacy also offers auction services, as well as direct purchasing of appraised items. This gives users the ability to not only value their coins but sell them all in one place.

To get started with Legacy free no-obligation review of your collection, fill out the contact information online. If you are interested in professional appraisal services, you can contact.

Assessment at Auction Values

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Coin Collection Appraised?

The costs associated with appraising your coin collection can vary depending on the type of appraisal needed. Overviews and evaluations are available for free, if you are looking to list your coins for auction. These free appraisals are for valuation and selling purposes only.

Formal written appraisals can range from $75 to over $150 per hour, depending on the coins, appraisal details, and purpose. Formal written appraisals are typically used for insurance or legal purposes, such as estate planning.

Extended Services Include: Collector Sports Cards, Comic Books, Jewelry, Old Toys & more.